Assemble! Haha lame but maybe you can guess where I just got back from…

Matt and I had a date night tonight and it concluded with seeing The Avengers.  We had a great time…but more on that later. I thought first I would share with you how I am feeling now.

Exactly. Like. That. Anyways….

I woke up this morning and was craving cereal.  I ate a bowl of Active Lifestyle (one of my favorites, it’s a Kroger brand I believe).  I normally would have 2 bowls of cereal to “finish the milk” but I abstained today because I was still riding my healthy from the day before high.  A few hours after breakfast I decided I would go on a run.  I of course waited until around 12:30 in the heat of the day.  I started out my run feeling pretty good. I put in a 5K on my Nike+ app and felt like I would finish it with ease.  About 5 minutes into my run I started to feel shaky.  I tried to push through it but I soon had to walk.  It was very frustrating to have two of my runs in a row mess up because I wasn’t fueling my body properly.  I knew that I had not eaten enough to go on the run but I was trying to watch my calories and that became more important.  I slowed to a walk and was able to walk another 2 miles until I got back home. I felt miserable and just really weird.  Not good.  When I got home from runny I immediately downed a glass of water and went for the pantry.  Usually food is very unappetizing after a run so I knew I had deprived myself this time.  I decided to make the same wrap that I did yesterday because it would be quick and nutritious enough to fill me up.  


I ate half of a toffee crunch cookie from Panera and then was feeling much better.  I drank more water and headed t work.  When I got off work I was hungry again so I made a piece of toast with garlic salt.  Soon after that Matt came and picked me up for our date.  

We had a dinner and movie gift certificate that my parents gave us for Christmas that we had been saving for a movie we were both excited to see.  The certificate gave us a list of restaurants to choose from for a $25 dinner.  I was craving O’Charley’s.  Since Matt and I can usually eat for under $20 at O’Charley’s we decided to get an appetizer to use all of the gift card.  Matt is an appetizer lover while I am a dessert lover.  I makes for a deadly combination.  We ordered the Spinach and Artichoke dip that was tasty although I enjoyed their delicious rolls more. For my entree I ordered the California Chicken Salad.  Matt ordered the Chicken Blue Cheese Sandwhich and a loaded baked potato.  For some reason our food took a long time to come out.  I think they were feeling guilty about our long wait because when my salad finally arrived I swear it was more lettuce than I had ever seen.  Even Matt said “Well I hope nobody else orders a salad because they are definitely out of lettuce now”.  It was huge.  But oh so good.  A lot of you might be thinking, “I hope you didn’t order that salad in an attempt at being healthy!” And the answer would be, no I did not.  That salad tastes like a dessert and I love it.  I do think that a salad is better than something friend no matter how many candied pecans are on said salad.  

After our delicious dinner I had a definite food baby going and was feeling pretty uncomfortable.  We still had an hour until the movie so we decided to go walk around Best Buy (dangerous for my boyfriend’s wallet).  I left with a $4.99 copy of Into the Wild.  SCORE! I love that movie and if you haven’t seen it and are in the mood to feel about 100 different emotions in around 2 hours go see it immediately.  

It was finally time to see the Avengers.  Matt and I got to the theater and were amazed at how packed it still was for 9:45 on a Tuesday night.  The movie was awesome.  But the crowd…not so much.  I hate when people text in a dark theater.  It’s practically all I can focus on when I see a screen in front of me light up.  So annoying. Who do you have to talk to that badly? Maybe I just am not an important person or maybe I just have common decency.  Either way, if you ever see a movie with me, keep the cell phone in your purse!

Other than that annoyance, the movie was great and kept me entertained the entire time.  Matt dubbed it as “a movie to buy right when it comes out”.  This means he will pay full price rather than wait a few years to buy it at Best Buy like he bought Jackass and The Departed tonight.  

Hope you are having a great day!

Question:  Is there any habit at the movies other people have that just drives you NUTS?


One thought on “Avengers

  1. That wrap looks yummy! 🙂 . I can’t believe you can run a 5k…I can barely run a half mile. Proud of you!!

    I absolutely hate it when people kick the back of my chair at the movie theater. So rude and annoying.

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