Blog Break

I’ve taken a little blog break! One of my best friends and old college roommate, Morgan, has been visiting me since Wednesday.  I have LOVED having her around but it’s amazing how changes like that can mess with your routine, especially your eating habits. 

I have eaten some seriously delicious food since she’s been here, partly because going out to eat is fun and partly because she is such an amazing cook.  Today is Mother’s Day!! And we made meatloaf, mashed potatoes, green beans, and vanilla cupcakes.  I was stuffed.  That is a good example of how we have been eating lately.  Yesterday we had ribs, homemade mac and cheese, and blueberry cobbler (the blueberries are from Morgan’s families farm in North Florida…DELICIOUS).  

Morgan has gone to stay with another one of her friends who lives up here in K-Saw but I will still see her throughout the week.  She will even be joining my family for the Warrior Dash up in the mountains next weekend.  Fun stuff ahead. While there is some really fun things coming up there are also some stressful things.  I start my first day of Maymester tomorrow, I register for my crazy fall semester soon, I get 3 months off from work (no paycheck), I run my first 5K.  That list is making me nervous.  Here are the FUN things to look forward to…Braves game tomorrow, end of the year school party with my 1st graders, running my first 5K (I am both very excited and very nervous), my 21st birthday, and my trip to Arkansas! 

I love love love the summer but it seems like there is always so much pressure to make summers exciting and adventurous.  I’m all for excitement but I prefer to relax.  Hopefully I get a bit of both this summer and I hope you do too!

I am off to run a 5K in preparation for this weekend!


Do you feel pressured, by movies, pop culture, music, books, to have a certain kind of summer?


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