Done and Done

I am done and done with my first day of Maymester! And guess what…it wasn’t that bad. Somebody once told me (maybe a fortune cookie) that if you are dreading something the universe will take care of it.  Truth (if you have good Karma).  I hopped out of bed this morning at 6:30 and made myself a breakfast of overnight oats (vanilla yogurt, oatmeal, and crushed pineapple) that we had the morning before.  I love the creamy and chewy mixture of this breakfast.  I packed a quick turkey sandwich, a Dole fruit cup, and a Nature Valley Sweet and Salty Fiber Granola bar.

I ate my breakfast in the car and sipped my coffee.  It was rainy and dreary on the drive into to class and I definitely longed for my bed a time or two, but I arrived in class ready for some learning! 😉  I ate my lunch around 11 (our designated 20 minute lunch break) and it was nice to break up the 6 hour class with some yummy food and chit chat with my classmates.  One good thing about this class is that we get to read some awesome children’s books.  I read Because of Winn Dixie over the weekend and I am about to start The Hatchet.  Yay for early childhood education majors.  After class I went by Target to look for a Braves t-shirt that I planned on wearing tonight for a Braves game that we planned.  Unfortunately Target did not have any Braves shirts.  Even more unfortunate…Matt ended up feeling sick and another guy we were going to go to the game with had a work conflict.  Bummer.  So no Braves game tonight.  I really was looking forward to taking Morgan to her first ever MLB game.  Oh well…next time.  On the bright side I got a new really cute coral shirt from Target and a new loofah (what a weird word)!

Bonus: This shirt only cost $4.50!

So sorry for looking like such a goober…I haven’t mastered the art of taking photos of myself. 🙂

This means that I will have time for my 5K tonight! I ran last night and got a new personal best since I have been using Nike Plus on my iPhone.  I love that app.  I love that it tells you how many calories you burn and how it motivates you towards the end of your race.  I wish I could bring it with me during the Warrior Dash this weekend but somehow I don’t think even my Otterbox will be enough to protect my phone from full body submersion in mud and water.

Anyways…back to my food.  When I got home from Target I was pretty hungry and decided to have a super early lunch of leftover mac and cheese and meatloaf.  So yummy.  After my run and shower I will probably make a smoothie or a salad to get some healthy stuff in me but after a day of class something comforting just sounded perfect.  Tomorrow I have class and work.  It is going to be a long day.  I’m going to try and pack a more substantial lunch so I won’t be tempted to stop somewhere on my way to work.

So that’s it for tonight! Is anyone else so excited for the tv lineup tonight?!

Question: What are your favorite summer shows?

-I’m excited for Pretty Little Liars to start up again and the Bachelorette (I love Emily).  But I am sad that Smash and New Girl are ending.


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