Back to Health…

I got a little ranty on my last post and I realized that I needed to blog about what this blog is actually about…health!

I joined the Y back in March and have been trying to go 4 times a week. Sometimes I meet that goal and sometimes I don’t. Progress people! I’m going for progress! I have also been trying to record what I eat on MyFitnessPal, a great app for your smartphone that tracks the food you eat and how many calories you should consume based on your goals.

Today, I made a delicious smoothie out of frozen banana, strawberries, yogurt and milk. I’m telling you, the key to a good smoothie, is freezing the banana in chunks and not adding ice. It honestly tastes like a milkshake! Now that banana “ice cream” that is floating around pinterest…gross. Not a fan. Banana “milkshakes”…



Thumbs up!

My lunch was a bit more questionable…



A Boca Burger, topped with a few slices of pepperjack cheese, ketchup, and onion. Is it weird that I enjoyed it?

I started out my morning with a 4 mile walk with my parents. It has been a beautiful May here in Georgia, not as much humidity and pollen as usual! I love walking with my parents and catching up on our lives. 

Later today I might head to the pool, and Matt wants to take me out to celebrate my graduation. We had planned on going to the Sun Dial but it is closed for renovations. 😦  Hopefully we can come up with another fun and delicious option!



I wanted to leave you with a sweet photo of Matt’s dog, Bobby, that I took last night! He is such a dear when he isn’t wildly chasing around a laser pointer or jumping up to lick your face.

Have a happy Memorial Day Weekend!



I Just Want to Teach

I have been a college graduate for 10 days now and I am getting antsy.

I have NO regrets for choosing to get a degree in Early Childhood Education, but it is frustrating when you are so passionate about something but can’t seem to find a way to make your passion a reality.  Teaching is not a very promising field right now, and I knew that going into college, but I somehow thought that I would be immune to the budget cuts and rising class sizes. I thought that my love of teaching would be enough to show my future employers that I am worthy of a job.  And it still might be, but I am impatient and ready to have a job to look forward to! 

I guess that I’m a lucky to have direction about my future and my goals, but goodness can the future just get here already!?


I Graduated!

I have officially graduated with a degree in Early Childhood Education!


My sweet parents, sister, and grandparents came to the ceremony and we celebrated with a Hibachi lunch.



I have to tell you…I was not that excited to graduate, or even for the ceremony. I am not a fan of changes and graduating is a big, life change. I also was not that attached to my university since I only went there for two years, so the ceremony did not hold as much significance to me.  I was actually slightly dreading the ceremony and thought that it was a bit of a waste of time (I would rather have been in the class with my awesome 5th graders), but once I arrived, the excitement finally made an appearance. 

As my class and I walked from the student center to the convocation center, workers and visitors from the school lined our walkway and clapped for us. The traditional bagpipes were playing and I felt a flurry of butterflies. I tried to take in the moment, as I knew this had been my greatest achievement yet. Once seated in the auditorium, I found my family in the faces of the crowd and felt very proud and blessed.

Walking across the stage was nerve-wracking and I think I was shaking like a leaf. I made sure to move my tassel from the right side of my cap to the left as soon as I had that diploma in hand. The rest of the ceremony seemed to drag by after my name had been called. When it was time to walk out and join my family, I was ready to celebrate!


My family hosted a little graduation party for me. It was just very close friends and family sitting around a bonfire on a cool, May night.

I can’t wait to find a job and start my career as a teacher!


Long Time…No Talk!

Woah! I haven’t blogged in almost a year! That should tell you a bit about how busy I’ve been. I’ve still been interested in blogging but lost some motivation. I’m trying to start again! 2nd time’s a charm?

Let me update you! It would be way to difficult to recap the last year, so let me give you the highlights…

1) I ran the Warrior Dash (trying to pick up where I left off…).


2) We had a wonderful vacation in Arkansas with my family (June ’12).


3) I got to travel to San Francisco for the first time with my dad (July ’12).


4) Matt and I celebrated our 4th anniversary (August ’12)


5) I began my TOSS semester (very difficult student teaching and curriculum) and Tossed Like a Boss. I student taught in Kindergarten and had a great time.



6) I had to quit my beloved ASP job in order to focus on student teaching.

7) I went on a cruise with my family and had a great time (Thanksgiving ’12).


8) I started student teaching at the best school in the world with the best teacher and the best class (5th grade this time) in January ’13.


9) My dad went to India for 2 months and I missed him like crazy.

10) WE MOVED out of my childhood home and are currently living in an apartment until the new house is built (test of love, my friends).

Image (my old the packing stages)

11) I just finished my last day of student teaching (on Friday) and am graduating college in 2 weeks!

I think I covered the main points.  There were lots of things thrown in there too, like seeing Jerry Seinfeld at the Fox, turning 21, taking my 5th graders on a field trip to Chattanooga, running the Warrior Dash for a 2nd time, lots of dinners and movies, fun things and sad things. It is crazy how time flies. I am still trying to loose that darn weight. It hasn’t changed much since I last posted but I’m hoping that things will change soon!