Long Time…No Talk!

Woah! I haven’t blogged in almost a year! That should tell you a bit about how busy I’ve been. I’ve still been interested in blogging but lost some motivation. I’m trying to start again! 2nd time’s a charm?

Let me update you! It would be way to difficult to recap the last year, so let me give you the highlights…

1) I ran the Warrior Dash (trying to pick up where I left off…).


2) We had a wonderful vacation in Arkansas with my family (June ’12).


3) I got to travel to San Francisco for the first time with my dad (July ’12).


4) Matt and I celebrated our 4th anniversary (August ’12)


5) I began my TOSS semester (very difficult student teaching and curriculum) and Tossed Like a Boss. I student taught in Kindergarten and had a great time.



6) I had to quit my beloved ASP job in order to focus on student teaching.

7) I went on a cruise with my family and had a great time (Thanksgiving ’12).


8) I started student teaching at the best school in the world with the best teacher and the best class (5th grade this time) in January ’13.


9) My dad went to India for 2 months and I missed him like crazy.

10) WE MOVED out of my childhood home and are currently living in an apartment until the new house is built (test of love, my friends).

Image (my old room..in the packing stages)

11) I just finished my last day of student teaching (on Friday) and am graduating college in 2 weeks!

I think I covered the main points.  There were lots of things thrown in there too, like seeing Jerry Seinfeld at the Fox, turning 21, taking my 5th graders on a field trip to Chattanooga, running the Warrior Dash for a 2nd time, lots of dinners and movies, fun things and sad things. It is crazy how time flies. I am still trying to loose that darn weight. It hasn’t changed much since I last posted but I’m hoping that things will change soon!


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