I Graduated!

I have officially graduated with a degree in Early Childhood Education!


My sweet parents, sister, and grandparents came to the ceremony and we celebrated with a Hibachi lunch.



I have to tell you…I was not that excited to graduate, or even for the ceremony. I am not a fan of changes and graduating is a big, life change. I also was not that attached to my university since I only went there for two years, so the ceremony did not hold as much significance to me.  I was actually slightly dreading the ceremony and thought that it was a bit of a waste of time (I would rather have been in the class with my awesome 5th graders), but once I arrived, the excitement finally made an appearance. 

As my class and I walked from the student center to the convocation center, workers and visitors from the school lined our walkway and clapped for us. The traditional bagpipes were playing and I felt a flurry of butterflies. I tried to take in the moment, as I knew this had been my greatest achievement yet. Once seated in the auditorium, I found my family in the faces of the crowd and felt very proud and blessed.

Walking across the stage was nerve-wracking and I think I was shaking like a leaf. I made sure to move my tassel from the right side of my cap to the left as soon as I had that diploma in hand. The rest of the ceremony seemed to drag by after my name had been called. When it was time to walk out and join my family, I was ready to celebrate!


My family hosted a little graduation party for me. It was just very close friends and family sitting around a bonfire on a cool, May night.

I can’t wait to find a job and start my career as a teacher!



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