In Need of A Change

I like to be busy.

I did not think that I was that way but I am going stir-crazy not having anything to work towards.

I had surgery for a deviated septum exactly a week ago, and while it was a painful and sleepless few days, I have fully recovered and am just waiting until I can work out again (a few more days). Before my surgery, I have just been shopping, and going to the pool, relaxing and sleeping in. It sounds like the life but I feel like I have no direction. Something needs to change-soon.

Luckily, I think I have nailed down a job as a transcriber, working from home. I am thankful that I will have some income and something to do with my day, but it doesn’t allow me to be around people, or doing what I’m passionate about. I also have an interview tomorrow for a temp position. Hopefully that will come through as well!  I guess I expected to have a teaching job lined up, even though that is not very likely. 

Right now, the real world seems like an exclusive club that doesn’t want to let me be a part of it. I know that I am only 21 (almost 22) and have accomplished a good amount for my age, but I am just ready for more.

Again, sorry for being ranty…just a lot on my mind. :/


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