Starting Again…

So the last time I wrote, I was telling you about the 3-Day Diet. Well, it sucked. I won’t be trying that again. I didn’t loose any weight and felt hungry for 3 days. I am now going to try and stick with good, old-fashioned working out and eating right.

Sooo…back to our regularly scheduled broadcast…

This weekend was a good one! Allison came home from college and on Friday we went to the fair with Matt. We went to the petting zoo and watched a tiger and horse show. It was fun! On Saturday, Allison and I went to Henry’s for lunch (probably the source of my weight gain). Saturday night, Allison went back to school and I headed to Matt’s to watch Dark Knight Rises. I just love that movie…we’ve seen it many times but it never gets old.

Today…I taught Sunday School at church and then walked 4 miles. First day of Fall yo! I could have celebrated with a PSL, but I refrained and spend a good hour enjoying the crisp air and sunshine. It was during that walk that I devised my weight loss plan.

I have eaten well today (minus the sausage cheese balls for breakfast…thanks mom). I had a smoothie for lunch, along with some Costco samples, and chicken salad on lettuce wraps for dinner.

Let’s hope for a healthy week…it’s up to me!


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