Week 1 Down

This week was a good one! I had a few off days and some very good days. I just have to keep pushing!

In other news…

I started going to the Chiropractor and that has made me feel better. Once I get back from N.C. I am going to start a workout plan. I want to swim 3 times a week for at least 45 minutes, do a class at the Y 2 times a week, and do yoga 2 times a week.

This weekend was a fun one. Matt and I went to Medieval Times. The food was good and the horses were beautiful, but the show was a little cheesy. Matt looked so cute in his crown, though. On Saturday, I did a little yoga and then went to Bullard’s Fall Festival where I spent some time in the dunk tank! It was fun but I felt a tad self-conscious about the water displacement when I was dunked in! We went to Aurelios with Matt’s parents after the festival for pizza. Today I went to church and taught Sunday school. Then I went to the mall and bought the most beautiful boots. I am trying to only buy things that I will wear even when I loose weight.

I am very excited for tonight to watch Revenge and do some stretching!


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