Let’s Try Again

We are now well into 2014 and I just feel like life is flying by! I am going to try and dedicate time to blog, even if it is just for me as a form of my own diary. 

I last posted in September and many things have changed, as well have stayed the same. I am still struggling with weight loss but am trying some new methods to battle it. I feel really good about where I am with my exercise, I just need to stop being so dang hungry all the time! But more on that later…

We moved out of the apartment and into a beautiful house. I am still living with my parents, but truly enjoy their company and feel good that I am saving money.

I started working full time, and even though it is not my dream position…I love working with students and the school that I teach in is just amazing. 

I just stopped nannying for a sweet toddler named Caroline…I have been babysitting her since she was born! Caroline has a new brother so Laura won’t need me to babysit anymore. I have to admit that it will be nice to have more free time during the week.

Matt graduated, got a job, and turned 24! He has big plans for this year and I just want to be a part of them.

I am enjoying 2014 so far, but like I said, time just moves too fast. I have no problem growing older, but don’t like forgetting the present! Hopefully this blog will motivate me to live like I have something worth reading over again.