Health History

Like many college students, I struggle now more than ever to watch my weight and make healthy choices.

High school was fairly easy for me to stay fit and feel confident.  I have always been taller than most other girls my age.  I am 5’11” and have long legs, arms, fingers, (shoot even my toes look like normal peoples fingers).  However my tall height has also suited me and made any weight gain seem less noticeable than it would if I were shorter. I love being tall.  I went to Harrison High School and swam all four years (that is where I met my boyfriend Matt).  That, combined with living at home and being fed balanced meals by my parents, kept me lean and fit.  I was healthy and energized, never really worrying about my weight.  When I started dating Matt right before my Senior year (he is a year older and was headed to college) of high school, my appetite diminished and my desire to work out increased.  I felt amazing and I looked better than ever, all without consciously trying.  I was literally love sick in the “Can’t eat, can’t sleep, reach for the stars, over the fence, world series kind of stufff.” (It Takes Two) PLEASE tell me you remember that Mary-Kate and Ashley classic.  Soon that new love craze wore off and I began eating normally again.  I also was about to leave for Georgia Southern University, where Matt already was attending college, in the summer of 2009.

Homecoming, after losing about 15 pounds when Matt and I started dating

Matt and me in the first few weeks of my Freshman Year at GSU

Once I left for school I fell victim to my unversities meal plan.  Salads with fried chicken and ranch were the healthiest it got. That, a busy schedule that limited exercise, and my roommates love for sharing Gordo’s Cheese dip, attributed to very quick weight gain.  I’m not talking the Freshman 15 here, more like Freshman 30.  It was horrible.  When I finished up my freshman year and headed home for the summer, I could not pull my normal size 10 shorts up my thighs.  I broke down.  Matt is always incredibly supportive and loving and makes me feel beautiful even when he shouldn’t.  Maybe I had been avoiding mirrors and copiously untagging Facebook photos, but I had no idea how out of control my weight had gotten.  My dad rallied around me and together we came up with a plan for the summer.  I wanted to start my sophomore year out right. I had the goal to ring in 2011 50 pounds lighter than I was that summer.  That would have made me lighter than at my skinny-just-started-dating-Matt weight.  My dad and I tried an all fruit and vegetable cleanse for 2 weeks and rode bikes for miles every day.  It worked.  I lost 20 pounds that summer and went back to school confident that my new apartment living would allow me to make healthier choices.

Looking like Pooh during my Freshman year

After losing about 20 pounds the summer before my Sophomore year

    I felt confident that living in a new apartment and cooking my own meals would help me lose weight. However, old habits that first attributed to my weight gain, eating out, eating late, drinking soda, and leading a very sedentary lifestyle, returned.  Before I knew it, New Years was around the corner and I had gained back all the weight I lost that summer and then some.  I tried drastic juice cleanses that always left me loopy.  I was dedicated to working out for about a week.  I invested in a scale for my apartment to keep track.  Nothing worked because I lacked the will power.  I rung in 2011 having gained back the 20 pounds I lost plus an extra 8 or so.  Again, my parents offered support.  We signed up for a gym that I could utilize that month I was home.  But losing weight over the holidays was difficult and I started my spring semester very defeated.  I continued along that path until I decided to transfer home to Kennesaw State University, a University that was only 20 minutes from my parent’s house.  Matt and I both decided our time at Georgia Southern was complete.  We both had a wonderful time there but felt that KSU would be a better choice for many different reasons.

After losing the weight put on my Sophomore year. About to start Junior year at KSU. (Matt and I’s 3rd anniversary!)

When I came home for good from Georgia Southern in the summer of 2011, I felt determined to lose the weight I had gained and start my Junior year at KSU looking and feeling great.  I joined a gym and signed up for their weight loss incentive program.  In the summer I lost about 20 pounds.  I felt motivated and confident that living at home would help me get back to where I needed to be health-wise. I began a running plan called Couch to 5K.  I am happy to say that now I can run 5K’s without batting an eye.  I also became obsessed with the spin class at my gym.  I soon lost some motivation as the pounds started coming off more and more slowly.  I gained some weight back when I quit my gym to focus more on a very intense Spring semester.  Having a job at an elementary school kept me busy and on my feet but made working out hard to find time.  I am currently wanting to lose 40 more pounds that would put me at my thinnest weight during high school.  That was the weight that I felt healthiest and happiest at.  I hope soon I will be updating this page saying that I reached my goal! I look forward to sharing this journey with you all!

Me in April of 2012, about to finish my Junior year at KSU.


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