Back to Health…

I got a little ranty on my last post and I realized that I needed to blog about what this blog is actually about…health!

I joined the Y back in March and have been trying to go 4 times a week. Sometimes I meet that goal and sometimes I don’t. Progress people! I’m going for progress! I have also been trying to record what I eat on MyFitnessPal, a great app for your smartphone that tracks the food you eat and how many calories you should consume based on your goals.

Today, I made a delicious smoothie out of frozen banana, strawberries, yogurt and milk. I’m telling you, the key to a good smoothie, is freezing the banana in chunks and not adding ice. It honestly tastes like a milkshake! Now that banana “ice cream” that is floating around pinterest…gross. Not a fan. Banana “milkshakes”…



Thumbs up!

My lunch was a bit more questionable…



A Boca Burger, topped with a few slices of pepperjack cheese, ketchup, and onion. Is it weird that I enjoyed it?

I started out my morning with a 4 mile walk with my parents. It has been a beautiful May here in Georgia, not as much humidity and pollen as usual! I love walking with my parents and catching up on our lives. 

Later today I might head to the pool, and Matt wants to take me out to celebrate my graduation. We had planned on going to the Sun Dial but it is closed for renovations. 😦  Hopefully we can come up with another fun and delicious option!



I wanted to leave you with a sweet photo of Matt’s dog, Bobby, that I took last night! He is such a dear when he isn’t wildly chasing around a laser pointer or jumping up to lick your face.

Have a happy Memorial Day Weekend!



I Just Want to Teach

I have been a college graduate for 10 days now and I am getting antsy.

I have NO regrets for choosing to get a degree in Early Childhood Education, but it is frustrating when you are so passionate about something but can’t seem to find a way to make your passion a reality.  Teaching is not a very promising field right now, and I knew that going into college, but I somehow thought that I would be immune to the budget cuts and rising class sizes. I thought that my love of teaching would be enough to show my future employers that I am worthy of a job.  And it still might be, but I am impatient and ready to have a job to look forward to! 

I guess that I’m a lucky to have direction about my future and my goals, but goodness can the future just get here already!?


I Graduated!

I have officially graduated with a degree in Early Childhood Education!


My sweet parents, sister, and grandparents came to the ceremony and we celebrated with a Hibachi lunch.



I have to tell you…I was not that excited to graduate, or even for the ceremony. I am not a fan of changes and graduating is a big, life change. I also was not that attached to my university since I only went there for two years, so the ceremony did not hold as much significance to me.  I was actually slightly dreading the ceremony and thought that it was a bit of a waste of time (I would rather have been in the class with my awesome 5th graders), but once I arrived, the excitement finally made an appearance. 

As my class and I walked from the student center to the convocation center, workers and visitors from the school lined our walkway and clapped for us. The traditional bagpipes were playing and I felt a flurry of butterflies. I tried to take in the moment, as I knew this had been my greatest achievement yet. Once seated in the auditorium, I found my family in the faces of the crowd and felt very proud and blessed.

Walking across the stage was nerve-wracking and I think I was shaking like a leaf. I made sure to move my tassel from the right side of my cap to the left as soon as I had that diploma in hand. The rest of the ceremony seemed to drag by after my name had been called. When it was time to walk out and join my family, I was ready to celebrate!


My family hosted a little graduation party for me. It was just very close friends and family sitting around a bonfire on a cool, May night.

I can’t wait to find a job and start my career as a teacher!


Long Time…No Talk!

Woah! I haven’t blogged in almost a year! That should tell you a bit about how busy I’ve been. I’ve still been interested in blogging but lost some motivation. I’m trying to start again! 2nd time’s a charm?

Let me update you! It would be way to difficult to recap the last year, so let me give you the highlights…

1) I ran the Warrior Dash (trying to pick up where I left off…).


2) We had a wonderful vacation in Arkansas with my family (June ’12).


3) I got to travel to San Francisco for the first time with my dad (July ’12).


4) Matt and I celebrated our 4th anniversary (August ’12)


5) I began my TOSS semester (very difficult student teaching and curriculum) and Tossed Like a Boss. I student taught in Kindergarten and had a great time.



6) I had to quit my beloved ASP job in order to focus on student teaching.

7) I went on a cruise with my family and had a great time (Thanksgiving ’12).


8) I started student teaching at the best school in the world with the best teacher and the best class (5th grade this time) in January ’13.


9) My dad went to India for 2 months and I missed him like crazy.

10) WE MOVED out of my childhood home and are currently living in an apartment until the new house is built (test of love, my friends).

Image (my old the packing stages)

11) I just finished my last day of student teaching (on Friday) and am graduating college in 2 weeks!

I think I covered the main points.  There were lots of things thrown in there too, like seeing Jerry Seinfeld at the Fox, turning 21, taking my 5th graders on a field trip to Chattanooga, running the Warrior Dash for a 2nd time, lots of dinners and movies, fun things and sad things. It is crazy how time flies. I am still trying to loose that darn weight. It hasn’t changed much since I last posted but I’m hoping that things will change soon!

Done and Done

I am done and done with my first day of Maymester! And guess what…it wasn’t that bad. Somebody once told me (maybe a fortune cookie) that if you are dreading something the universe will take care of it.  Truth (if you have good Karma).  I hopped out of bed this morning at 6:30 and made myself a breakfast of overnight oats (vanilla yogurt, oatmeal, and crushed pineapple) that we had the morning before.  I love the creamy and chewy mixture of this breakfast.  I packed a quick turkey sandwich, a Dole fruit cup, and a Nature Valley Sweet and Salty Fiber Granola bar.

I ate my breakfast in the car and sipped my coffee.  It was rainy and dreary on the drive into to class and I definitely longed for my bed a time or two, but I arrived in class ready for some learning! 😉  I ate my lunch around 11 (our designated 20 minute lunch break) and it was nice to break up the 6 hour class with some yummy food and chit chat with my classmates.  One good thing about this class is that we get to read some awesome children’s books.  I read Because of Winn Dixie over the weekend and I am about to start The Hatchet.  Yay for early childhood education majors.  After class I went by Target to look for a Braves t-shirt that I planned on wearing tonight for a Braves game that we planned.  Unfortunately Target did not have any Braves shirts.  Even more unfortunate…Matt ended up feeling sick and another guy we were going to go to the game with had a work conflict.  Bummer.  So no Braves game tonight.  I really was looking forward to taking Morgan to her first ever MLB game.  Oh well…next time.  On the bright side I got a new really cute coral shirt from Target and a new loofah (what a weird word)!

Bonus: This shirt only cost $4.50!

So sorry for looking like such a goober…I haven’t mastered the art of taking photos of myself. 🙂

This means that I will have time for my 5K tonight! I ran last night and got a new personal best since I have been using Nike Plus on my iPhone.  I love that app.  I love that it tells you how many calories you burn and how it motivates you towards the end of your race.  I wish I could bring it with me during the Warrior Dash this weekend but somehow I don’t think even my Otterbox will be enough to protect my phone from full body submersion in mud and water.

Anyways…back to my food.  When I got home from Target I was pretty hungry and decided to have a super early lunch of leftover mac and cheese and meatloaf.  So yummy.  After my run and shower I will probably make a smoothie or a salad to get some healthy stuff in me but after a day of class something comforting just sounded perfect.  Tomorrow I have class and work.  It is going to be a long day.  I’m going to try and pack a more substantial lunch so I won’t be tempted to stop somewhere on my way to work.

So that’s it for tonight! Is anyone else so excited for the tv lineup tonight?!

Question: What are your favorite summer shows?

-I’m excited for Pretty Little Liars to start up again and the Bachelorette (I love Emily).  But I am sad that Smash and New Girl are ending.

Blog Break

I’ve taken a little blog break! One of my best friends and old college roommate, Morgan, has been visiting me since Wednesday.  I have LOVED having her around but it’s amazing how changes like that can mess with your routine, especially your eating habits. 

I have eaten some seriously delicious food since she’s been here, partly because going out to eat is fun and partly because she is such an amazing cook.  Today is Mother’s Day!! And we made meatloaf, mashed potatoes, green beans, and vanilla cupcakes.  I was stuffed.  That is a good example of how we have been eating lately.  Yesterday we had ribs, homemade mac and cheese, and blueberry cobbler (the blueberries are from Morgan’s families farm in North Florida…DELICIOUS).  

Morgan has gone to stay with another one of her friends who lives up here in K-Saw but I will still see her throughout the week.  She will even be joining my family for the Warrior Dash up in the mountains next weekend.  Fun stuff ahead. While there is some really fun things coming up there are also some stressful things.  I start my first day of Maymester tomorrow, I register for my crazy fall semester soon, I get 3 months off from work (no paycheck), I run my first 5K.  That list is making me nervous.  Here are the FUN things to look forward to…Braves game tomorrow, end of the year school party with my 1st graders, running my first 5K (I am both very excited and very nervous), my 21st birthday, and my trip to Arkansas! 

I love love love the summer but it seems like there is always so much pressure to make summers exciting and adventurous.  I’m all for excitement but I prefer to relax.  Hopefully I get a bit of both this summer and I hope you do too!

I am off to run a 5K in preparation for this weekend!


Do you feel pressured, by movies, pop culture, music, books, to have a certain kind of summer?


Assemble! Haha lame but maybe you can guess where I just got back from…

Matt and I had a date night tonight and it concluded with seeing The Avengers.  We had a great time…but more on that later. I thought first I would share with you how I am feeling now.

Exactly. Like. That. Anyways….

I woke up this morning and was craving cereal.  I ate a bowl of Active Lifestyle (one of my favorites, it’s a Kroger brand I believe).  I normally would have 2 bowls of cereal to “finish the milk” but I abstained today because I was still riding my healthy from the day before high.  A few hours after breakfast I decided I would go on a run.  I of course waited until around 12:30 in the heat of the day.  I started out my run feeling pretty good. I put in a 5K on my Nike+ app and felt like I would finish it with ease.  About 5 minutes into my run I started to feel shaky.  I tried to push through it but I soon had to walk.  It was very frustrating to have two of my runs in a row mess up because I wasn’t fueling my body properly.  I knew that I had not eaten enough to go on the run but I was trying to watch my calories and that became more important.  I slowed to a walk and was able to walk another 2 miles until I got back home. I felt miserable and just really weird.  Not good.  When I got home from runny I immediately downed a glass of water and went for the pantry.  Usually food is very unappetizing after a run so I knew I had deprived myself this time.  I decided to make the same wrap that I did yesterday because it would be quick and nutritious enough to fill me up.  


I ate half of a toffee crunch cookie from Panera and then was feeling much better.  I drank more water and headed t work.  When I got off work I was hungry again so I made a piece of toast with garlic salt.  Soon after that Matt came and picked me up for our date.  

We had a dinner and movie gift certificate that my parents gave us for Christmas that we had been saving for a movie we were both excited to see.  The certificate gave us a list of restaurants to choose from for a $25 dinner.  I was craving O’Charley’s.  Since Matt and I can usually eat for under $20 at O’Charley’s we decided to get an appetizer to use all of the gift card.  Matt is an appetizer lover while I am a dessert lover.  I makes for a deadly combination.  We ordered the Spinach and Artichoke dip that was tasty although I enjoyed their delicious rolls more. For my entree I ordered the California Chicken Salad.  Matt ordered the Chicken Blue Cheese Sandwhich and a loaded baked potato.  For some reason our food took a long time to come out.  I think they were feeling guilty about our long wait because when my salad finally arrived I swear it was more lettuce than I had ever seen.  Even Matt said “Well I hope nobody else orders a salad because they are definitely out of lettuce now”.  It was huge.  But oh so good.  A lot of you might be thinking, “I hope you didn’t order that salad in an attempt at being healthy!” And the answer would be, no I did not.  That salad tastes like a dessert and I love it.  I do think that a salad is better than something friend no matter how many candied pecans are on said salad.  

After our delicious dinner I had a definite food baby going and was feeling pretty uncomfortable.  We still had an hour until the movie so we decided to go walk around Best Buy (dangerous for my boyfriend’s wallet).  I left with a $4.99 copy of Into the Wild.  SCORE! I love that movie and if you haven’t seen it and are in the mood to feel about 100 different emotions in around 2 hours go see it immediately.  

It was finally time to see the Avengers.  Matt and I got to the theater and were amazed at how packed it still was for 9:45 on a Tuesday night.  The movie was awesome.  But the crowd…not so much.  I hate when people text in a dark theater.  It’s practically all I can focus on when I see a screen in front of me light up.  So annoying. Who do you have to talk to that badly? Maybe I just am not an important person or maybe I just have common decency.  Either way, if you ever see a movie with me, keep the cell phone in your purse!

Other than that annoyance, the movie was great and kept me entertained the entire time.  Matt dubbed it as “a movie to buy right when it comes out”.  This means he will pay full price rather than wait a few years to buy it at Best Buy like he bought Jackass and The Departed tonight.  

Hope you are having a great day!

Question:  Is there any habit at the movies other people have that just drives you NUTS?

Finals are DONE!

I am so happy to be done with the toughest semester of my life.  I took 18 hours and worked every afternoon.  I was wiped out after this semester but I am ready to get through an even tougher summer schedule.  Just for those interest…I am taking a Maymester class starting next Monday at KSU.  It jams an entire semester into 2 weeks.  Wish me luck! So now that I have exactly 5 days left to relax, I am definitely planning on doing so.  With that being said, hopefully I can dedicate more time to this blog. I didn’t post yesterday because I was busy finishing up finals, working and catching up with my best friend who just got home from college.

I had a pretty healthy day yesterday and that means I am feeling even more motivated today! Trying to keep it up! Yesterday started out with a smoothie…

  • 1 frozen banana
  • chocolate pudding mix (about 2 spoons full)
  • about 3/4 cup of vanilla greek yogurt
  • coffee
  • splash of vanilla Coffee Mate creamer
  • ice

It tasted like a Starbucks frappacino! Freezing a cut up banana before using it in your smoothie makes the smoothie much colder and creamier without having to add a lot of ice.  This smoothie was kind of an accident.  I usually like frozen berries with my smoothie and a banana but we are out of frozen fruit.  Sometimes necessity derives creativity!

Lunch was also delicious.  I had a whole wheat tortilla wrap that was filled with turkey deli meat, a wedge of Laughing  Cow garlic and herb cheese, lettuce and onion.  I made sure to pack the wrap with veggies to fill my tummy.  It worked and the wrap was so delicious and kept me full through my math final. 

At work today around 3 I started getting hungry again and had a snack size bag of Sun Chips.  The kids I work with hate the regular Sun Chips and always want the Cheddar.  The smell of the Cheddar Sun Chips literally makes me gag so I am always glad when the regular flavor is available.

I was hungry again by 5:30 and was for once glad that my family eats dinner super early (my mom and dad are both early to bed, early to rise people so they eat pretty early to let their food settle).  We had homemade chicken pot pie and an apple.  It was delicious and comforting.  I was glad I kept my portions small because I met up with my friend Samantha for frozen yogurt later in the evening.


This is my best friend Samantha.  How gorgeous is she? We have been best friends since 3rd grade.  I just love when she comes home for the summer from pharmacy school (her family lives a street behind me).

I headed out to Target to return my mom’s  Mother’s Day gift before meeting Samantha for Menchies Frozen Yogurt.  My mom asked for a toaster oven for Mother’s Day so I went out with my sister to find one.  The day after buying it my mom and dad come home from Costco with a brand new toaster oven.  Lame.  So I swapped the toaster for Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue perfume.  I think my mom will love it even more than the toaster. 😉

After Target I met Samantha at Menchies and of course ran into a few kids from work.  It’s fun seeing them out but I sometimes feel awkward.  I guess I will have to get used to it if I want to be a teacher! I opted for a mix of the red velvet and cheese cake yogurt.  Since I didn’t get many berries in my smoothie earlier, I topped my yogurt with lots of strawberries and blueberries (as well as sprinkles and a few cheesecake pieces…my favorite). We talked for a good hour and a half and when I got home it was getting dark.  I had wanted to run but running in the dark makes me anxious.  I decided to go out anyway and try to get it done quickly and stay close to home.  I always bring my iPhone so that makes me feel a bit safer.  I can’t wait for the day that I can get a dog and have him as my running buddy. 

I started out my run feeling strong.  I made it about a mile and a half when I started getting cramps in my stomach.  My stomach felt like it was ready to pop if I pressed too hard on it.  I had my headphones in so I can’t be sure but I think my stomach might have released some pressure if you know what I mean.  (Too much?…sorry).  I walked the mile back to my house feeling pretty bummed.  I laid on the couch the rest of the night and watched Smash with my sister.  That show is my new obsession. I downloaded a few of their songs and they make great running songs!

Until next time!



I think that having the motivation to lose weight is the key to doing it.  My favorite exercise mantra is “The only person stopping you from losing weight is yourself”.  It’s so true.  That is why I feel so disappointed in myself when I make unhealthy choices, because I know that I could have done better.  It is nobodies fault but mine.

On a lighter note! I have some great motivation to lose weight! Not one but two family vacations coming up! This summer for 4th of July my family and Matt are going to head out to Arkansas (my birthplace) to visit my dad’s parents and all my aunts, uncles and cousins on that side of the family.  I am so excited because it will be our first time bringing Matt.  The Ozark mountains are beautiful and I am sure we will have a great time boating, hiking and spending time with the family.  The second motivation vacation is a CRUISE! My family and I are going on a 7 day Carnival cruise over Thanksgiving.  I am so excited.  I love cruises and haven’t been on one since my Freshman year of HIGH SCHOOL. Much too long for this cruise fanatic.  All this impending bathing suit wearing is making me definitely feel the motivation to lose that weight.  My new goal is to lose 20 pounds by my birthday.  That would put me under what I weighed when I started college. 

On that note here is what I ate so far today!  For breakfast I quickly ate a yogurt pudding bowl (Greek yogurt with a spoonful of Jello instant chocolate pudding mix).  At church today there was a birthday party for a 92 year old lady! I could not turn down a piece of the vanilla cake with raspberry filling. The piece I had was tiny but perfect since I am focusing on portion control.  My family and I then headed out for lunch at our usual after church spot…Wendy’s.  We love Wendy’s because the 4 of us eat for under $15 and they have healthy options. I opted for their new sweet potato with cinnamon butter.  It was fabulous and did not leave me feeling too gross like I sometimes do after fast food.  I snacked on a Laughing Cow Garlic and Herb Cheese wedge and a few Wheat Thins.  For dinner we had hamburgers and I made sure to top mine with lots of lettuce, tomato, and onions.  We enjoyed a huge apple with our burgers.  It was a yummy day.

I am now going to attempt studying for my last final tomorrow.  Last but worst….MATH. Ugh.

Side note…I have not exercised today because I had a mishap on the stairs and am currently icing my knee.  I tripped going UP the stairs holding my laptop (luckily no damage to that was done).  My knee hit the wooden edge of the stairs and I’m rocking a pretty nasty knot.  Hopefully it goes down soon so I can get back to running tomorrow!



Happy Cinco De Mayo!

I have always thought that it was hilarious (and sad) that most Americans rush out to Mexican restaurants on Cinco De Mayo and enjoy a relaxing dinner while the workers of these restaurants (usually Hispanic) have to serve us while they should be the ones out celebrating. 

Unfortunately, I did not get to eat any Mexican food today.  My sister Allison and I went to Moes because they were having $3 burritos all day, but once we got there and saw the line that resembled a line for a Six-Flags ride, we turned right around and headed to Chick-fil-a.  I indulged in chicken sandwich and french fries downed with a Diet Coke.  I bet you are thinking, “Wait a minute, is this what she considers healthy?”  No my friends, it is not.  Fortunately though, most of my meals today so far have been better.  I started out making healthified french toast late in the morning.  I ran a blistering hot 5K and then snacked on some Greek yogurt and bananas.  I was pretty hungry by dinner time since I never really had a lunch.  I felt that deserved some yummy chicken.  I will always stand by Chick-fil-a because…FUN FACT(!)–I worked there!  I can attribute some of my weight gain post freshman year to that.  I rarely ate there when I worked there but not because I found out some horrible secret about how they cook their food, on the contrary, I found that they are so clean and use very fresh ingredients.  It truly was just as appetizing to cook and eat there as it was in my own kitchen. And soo…Happy Cinco De Mayo! I hope you are having a fun and safe Saturday.  I am going to hang out with the boyfriend for a few hours before I head to bed.