Who’s Who

One thing you need to know about me is that I am crazy about my family.  I wanted you to meet them so you can understand more about my life and who affects it daily!

My mom:

My mom, Janice, is literally one of the sweetest people you will ever meet.  She is my best friend and strongest supporter.  She is beautiful, warm, kind, and loyal.  She is the heart of our home and makes people feel welcome and comfortable the minute they meet her.  I look up to her so much and I hope to be like her as a mother, wife and friend.  She is also a complete spaz (in the nicest way possible) and so fun to be around.  It is not uncommon for her to break out in dance as she cleans the kitchen or simply walks down the hall to my room.  She is very active with tennis and walking and is always on her feet.  People assume she is much younger than she is because not only is she gorgeous but she is very fit.  She motivates me to be a fit mother one day so my kids can always be proud of me the way I am of her.

My dad and mom in Puerto Rico.

My dad:

My dad, Jeff, is a total guys guy.  He is the Ken to my mom’s Barbie, the Nick  to the Jessica (I miss them so much).  He is very hardworking, smart, funny, sincere and just an all around good person.  If my mom is the heart of the home, he is the foundation.  He raised me and my sister to be independent and strong.  The women in my family are all very sensitive and he keeps us upright.  He is just the type of guy you want to make proud.  He is also very active and loves playing tennis and being outside.  He is an avid bike rider.  I inherited his height and huge sweet tooth.

My sister:

Allison.  The Brown-Eyed girl. “Bear”.  She is gorgeous.  Truly a model and a breath-taking beauty.  We don’t look alike and we have often wondered if she was adopted 😉 but only because she is so petite with brown eyes and tan skin.  Allison is not even 2 years younger than me but I take my big sister role very seriously.  She is such a sweet and caring person but also hilarious.  She can brighten anyone’s day and is just fun to be around.  I am so lucky that we are as close as we are.  Allison also taught me that just because you are naturally thin doesn’t mean you are super confident.  She has had trouble with friends and even family members who question how thin she is.  I have learned that even though you think somebody has a perfect body they might not see it that way.  Allison has evolved into a healthy eater and even though she is not an avid exerciser, she is still very fit.


My boyfriend. “Matty Bear”. Matt and I have been together since August of 2008. We started dating after meeting at Harrison High School.  We were both on the swim team and I had a huge crush on him for months before I finally had the courage to try and talk to him.  We didn’t start dating until after he graduated and right before my Senior year.  He is really a one of a kind guy.  He is a total sports fan (specifically the Chicago Cubs).  He is a seriously talented athlete both in swimming and baseball (he also was a great gymnast as a child and placed 3rd in the nation when he was 8…proud girlfriend).  He is very protective, funny, loyal and loving.  He always makes me feel great about myself.  I am so lucky to date such a responsible and dependable guy.  Our first year dating we spent apart while he was 4 hours away at Georgia Southern and I was at home in Kennesaw for my senior year.  I have a huge amount of trust in him and our relationship is stronger because of that year spent apart. We know we want to be together forever (cue the “aww…”) but we are still so young and are now having fun enjoying college and spending time together.

       Matt and me on my 19th birthday (he’s a cutie, I know)


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